sometimes you’re the driver,


My BFF called today and finally got approved for SSD.  Yay!  But she isn’t going to move in with me.  That’s neither a yay nor a boo.  She just has to stay put for at least the next couple of years so she can continue to see the same doctors, etc.  Her hubby is a jackass of the first order but they had a talk and he’s understands that she’s there because she wants to be not because she doesn’t have a choice.  Well, wants is a relative term.  She wants good medical care and insurance and I live far enough away from her medical care it would be very hard on both her and I to travel back and forth once a month or more for her care and since the SSD is “temporary” she has to continue with the same treatments and doctors for the foreseeable future.

Sometimes you’re just the passenger.


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